Lightning strikes blamed for hunter valley fire

Lightning strikes blamed for hunter valley fire

Firefighters battle a bushfire in the far north of Bitter Lake near Mount Dickson in the north-west of the state. Picture: Chris Hopkinson.

Residents of the remote Kimberley region of the Northern Territory are in shock after a deadly bushfire engulfed a village.

The Bitter Lake fire was about 90 kilometres from the Bitter Lake area when it began to grow.

An explosion tore through the village of Bitter Lake shortly after 10pm on Tuesday night.

Witnesses reported hearing a strong bang and seeing a huge fire start to burn.

One resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, told 7.30 the fire came in at around 10pm and the village was just 150 metres from the small hamlet of Big Rock.

"Everyone was looking out the window and everyone looked down," she said.

"At first people didn't know what to do because they were just looking, and then everybody started screaming."

The flames quickly spread and by around 11pm there were massive, fast moving plumes of smoke in the air.

Flames rose rapidly in the sky, then began to shift to the northwest.

The area was left behind by the fires around 2am, but by 2.30am flames were still rising from the bushfire site and people were still being evacuated.

The Bitter Lake fire has destroyed hundreds of homes in the remote village, where more than 100 people were still living as of Tuesday night.

In a Facebook post from the village's residents on Wednesday morning, they said they were left at the mercy of smoke and the wind.

"We have now been forced to leave our own little community to watch the whole place burn. We don't understand what is going on," said one post by a woman named Mary.

"In this terrible situation, you can only rely on God to sa더킹카지노ve us or someone like you," sa바카라사이트id another man.

The remote village is about 10 kilometres north of the town of Brindabella, where about 20 people remain trapped inside their homes.

The village remains without power as residents have since left the community and hundreds more have left homes to t우리카지노ry to get away from the smoke.

In a statement issued by the bushfire management service, the region's prime minister, Peter Tiwi, said the situation was "out of control" and that "nothing good can come of this".

"The situation here in th

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